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JLRC Key Factor

After being established in 2001, JLRC has now become a formidable BRAND and STANDARD of Japanese language education in the Philippines. JLRC is the only private “Research Center” of Japanese language in the country. It is not just an ordinary Nihongo Training Center or Japanese language school because we have been utilizing non-traditional and non-generic teaching.

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in Learning Japanese

We are committed in delivering the highest and best value in our services that is Less Time, Less Cost and Less Effort in learning Japanese language. To achieve this, we created our uniquely-designed original Nihongo materials, teaching method and syllabus which contains our 20 years of thorough research and teaching experience as  Japanese language professionals.

It is our privilege to help expand your career path and broaden your world through our Japanese Language education services, research and publications.

JLRC Story

ー  Everything from small living space  ー

In 2001, JLRC “Japanese Language Research Center” was established not for the purpose of business grandeur but mainly as a venue for Japanese Language Study and Research. It was started by a student of the University of the Philippines who studied in Japan as an exchange student and developed the love for teaching Japanese language after her return to the Philippines. She started JLRC at her small living area space in…

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    JLRC Features

    JLRC Online Japanese

    We bring opportunities wherever you are. Location is not a problem since all our Japanese language classes are online. We currently have students not just from Manila, Cebu, Davao, but all over the Philippines, Japan and other countries, worldwide.

    Highly – Qualified Instructor

    Excellent teachers with hiring rate of less than 10%, notably from University of the Philippines. They are required to complete / pass extensive teaching training and demo lessons to ensure the best class / school experience for Japanese language learners.

    Classroom Quality Control

    Student satisfaction survey and online class monitoring system are constantly conducted by the JLRC Quality Control Team. This is to maintain the quality of our Nihongo lessons and best classroom conditions for studying Japanese language in our school.

    High-Rate of JLPT Passers

    Result-guaranteed system which shows our pride in the excellent passing rate of JLPT as professionals. Those who will not pass the JLPT N5 and N4 exam can retake the Japanese language class for FREE. (Provided, minimum 90% attendance)

    Original and High-Quality Materials

    Our original Nihongo materials are easier to understand for beginners or learners of Japanese language courses because they are made by foreigners / non-Japanese. The materials we use are not just copies of Japanese language books from Japan.

    Well-Designed Syllabus

    We create and customize the Japanese language class lessons / syllabus specifically to suit the needs of each client. It is backed by our 20 years of experience in handling in-house and corporate Japanese language courses from beginners to advanced.

    JLRC Achievements

    Our Story since 2001 (Video)

    Course Comparison

    ー JLRC Best Value in Learning Japanese Language ー

    Based on 2020 research data comparing JLRC to 20 different Japanese language schools / Nihongo educational institutions in the Philippines


    *To be certified by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), an institution must meet the standards of curriculum, instructor’s teaching skills, legal documents related to school establishment, management, finance, tax, safety, etc. It is one of the indicators to judge whether the school is reliable when choosing a language school in the Philippines.  View TESDA Certificate

    No worries with JLRC!

    100% Money Back

    Observe and evaluate us on your first day of Japanese language class. If you are not satisfied with our methods, just tell us until before start of the second Nihongo lesson and we will give your money back 100%. No questions asked.

    Retake for Free

    We take pride in our constant excellent passing rate in JLPT. Reach your goals of passing the JLPT without worries! In case you cannot pass the JLPT N5 or N4 exam, you can retake the Japanese Language class for FREE (Provided, attendance is over 90% from previous Nihongo class).

    Registration Flow

    * To receive online class details, please click the button below, and fill out the form. An email containing class fees, schedules, payment terms, etc. will be sent to you.

    JLRC Original Materials

    We develop original Japanese language materials that match our time efficient teaching style and are supported by a database that has undergone years of Nihongo research. Our materials also undergo constant revision to ensure best quality. View Material Details

    Our Students

    JLRC Online Japanese is the No.1 in number of students

    Based on 2020 research data on top 10 Web listed Japanese language schools in the Philippines

    JLRC Students Worldwide

    Opportunities, wherever you are

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    2021/06/01     JLRC Awarded as Service Provider of Nihongo Online Course: Basic Level for Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Philippines

    2021/04/18     JLRC Launches “Study in Japan Program”

    2021/03/27     JLRC’s Original N4 Materials Revised for Online Japanese Learning

    2021/02/18     JLRC Donates Classroom Chairs to Buklod Tao (NPO)

    2021/01/25     1st batch of JLPT Passers after JLRC’s shift to Online Nihongo Learning System! (December 2020, Exam Site: Japan)

    2020/12/29     JLRC Acquires TESDA Online Training School Certification! (Facilitate eLearning Sessions)

    2020/12/22     JLRC Online Classes 2021 Calendar

    2020/03/04     JLRC Instructor Selected for Japan Foundation Teacher’s Training in Japan (Methods for Japanese Language Teachers of Specified Skilled Worker Candidates)

    2017/10/08     JLRC Featured in GMA-7’S 24 ORAS Philippines on Japanese language training for skilled workers bound for Japan

    2017/10/06     Partnership with Teleperformance

    2016/11/13     Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) & CBC Preparation Workshop

    2016/05/16     Filipino Examinees’ Difficulty in JLPT: Reading (フィリピン人受験者のJLPTにおける問題点:読解 )

    2016/01/22     Gadget Applications for Better Nihongo: Incorporating Smartphone or Computer Applications in Teaching Nihongo

    2014/01/25     フィリピンにおける日本語教育―民間学校― (Japanese Language Education in the Philippines: Private Japanese Language School)

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      Unit 506 Cityland Shaw Tower
      Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong 1552
      Metro Manila, Philippines