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Application for July 2023 Admission is Now Open!

*There is a limit in accepting applicants for the Nihongo study program in order to maintain the quality of our services.
*We accept applicants on a first come, first served basis.

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Conditions of Application for Studying Nihongo at one of our Partner Schools in Japan

General Qualifications

– Potential applicants who wish to learn Japanese must be at least a Senior High School graduate/ have 12 years education or above.
– Ideally, applicants should be 18 – 30 years old.
– Applicants must be financially capable or have a sponsor to support their application.

Requirement and Application

For Student / Applicant:
– School Diploma (Original)
– Transcript of Records (Original)
– Birth Certificate (Original / issued within the last 3 months)
– Passport
– Certificate of Japanese language study (150hrs) or JLPT N5 Certificate
– Other Documents which may be deemed necessary

For Sponsor:
– Proof of Relation to the Applicant who wish to learn Japanese (e.g. Birth Certificate)
– Bank Certificate / Bank Statement for the past 3 years
– Employment Certificate
– Income Tax Return
– Other Documents which may be deemed necessary

Why Nihongo Learners Join our Program


Strong Connection with Partners

Since we have strong connections with our carefully selected/ trusted partner Japanese language schools in Japan, your application will be prioritized and the special interviews can be arranged. Also, on time and effective communication with the Japanese language schools is possible during the course of your application.

Male specialist

Experienced Specialist

Our program specialists have not only adequate experiences but are equipped with up to date trends of Japan student visa approval since we are always connecting/ exchanging the latest information with the partner Nihongo school representatives. We will assist and guide you up to your arrival at the Nihongo school you chose.

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All-in Package

No problem even if you have no background knowledge in Japanese language since we can provide a complete all-in package, not limited to professional consultancy but required Nihongo study courses and needed professional document translations into Japanese language. Therefore you don’t need to look for additional services.

Admission Process for Japanese School

Step 1. JLRC Assessment Form

Applicants must fill out JLRC’s Assessment Form (the Assessment Form is in the program details which can be taken from the “Receive Program Details” button below). This will serve as the initial screening process to determine whether the applicant is qualified for the program or not. Applicant’s goals and reasons for studying Japanese language will also be checked.

Step 2. Contract Signing

If the applicant is qualified, he/ she will receive the draft of the Nihongo study program consultancy contract. The applicant must read, review, and fully understand the terms and conditions stated in the contract. Online clarification meeting will be conducted between the applicant and the JLRC Program Specialist prior to the contract signing.

Step 3. Application Fee Payment

The applicant will send payment to JLRC for the application fee of the Nihongo study program within 3 days after contract signing. This application fee is non-refundable.

Step 4. Meeting with Partner Japanese Language School

JLRC will arrange a special online meeting / assessment interview among the applicant, the JLRC Program Specialist, and the partner Nihongo school’s representative. The applicant may also directly ask or clarify with the Nihongo school’s representative regarding the details on the school and/or its Japanese Language study program.

Step 5. Japanese Language Study

If the applicant has neither a background knowledge in Japanese language nor a JLPT N5 certificate holder, JLRC Online Japanese course (JLPT N5 course) will be offered since the applicant must finish at least 150 hours of Japanese language study or have the JLPT N5 certificate.

Step 6. Documents Preparation

All of the required documents will be prepared by the applicant upon consultation with the JLRC Program Specialist. Once completed, all requirements will be checked by the Specialist for confirmation. If there are any needed revisions or additional documents, the Specialist will coordinate with the applicant. Upon the approval of the Specialist, the checked original documents will be sent to the partner Japanese language school.

Step 7. “Certificate of Eligibility” Application to Japan Immigration

The applicant’s documents will be submitted to Japan Immigration for the approval of the “Certificate of Eligibility” (COE).

Step 8. “Certificate of Eligibility” Results from Japan Immigration

The Japan Immigration will either approve or deny the application for COE. Usually, it will take around 2-3 months before the result is released.

Step 9. Processing Fee Payment

If the applicant is successfully granted a COE by Japan Immigration, the applicant will pay the processing fee to JLRC as stated in the Nihongo study program consultancy contract.

Step 10. School Fees Payment

Also upon granting of the COE, the applicant must settle the school fees (including tuition fee, accommodation fee and other miscellaneous fees). The amount depends on the partner Japanese language school that the applicant chose and its program length/ period.

Step 11. Visa Application and Ticket Booking

After a successful student visa application with the Embassy of Japan in the respective country, the applicant will book the air ticket accordingly.

Step 12. Departure

*By receiving it, you will get the program pertinent information about the requirements, location & cost of schooling, admission schedule etc. together with registration procedure.

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