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JLRC Key Factor

"LESS TIME, LESS COST, LESS EFFORT" in Learning Japanese Language

JLRC teachers

We are committed in delivering the highest value in our Nihongo courses that is Less Time, Less Cost and Less Effort in learning the Japanese language. To achieve this, we created our uniquely-designed original Nihongo materials, teaching method, and syllabus which contains our 20 years of thorough research and teaching experience as Japanese language professionals.


Our mission is to make Japanese language accessible, easy and fun for everyone


Opportunities, wherever you are

Opportunities in learning new things
Opportunities in discovering your potentials
Opportunities in realizing your dreams

JLRC brings opportunities to everyone through online services, regardless of your location, across regions and countries.

JLRC creates a society where people can expand their world beyond language barrier and uniquely shine as they are.

JLRC old original book

JLRC Story

In 2001, JLRC “Japanese Language Research Center” was established not for the purpose of business grandeur but mainly as a venue for Japanese Language Study and Research. It was started by a student of the University of the Philippines who studied in Japan as an exchange student and developed a love for teaching the Japanese language after her return to the Philippines. She started JLRC at her small living area space in East Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila, as a sole proprietor business with a small number of vigorous and creative staff. She augmented the very minimal capital with sheer guts, peculiar ideas and love for the Japanese Language.

She has been teaching Nihongo part-time for years and realized that a lot of learners want to study the Japanese language and pass the Proficiency Exam in a shorter time frame, in a very limited budget and not much effort exerted in the class. Those days it was a great challenge for the very few Japanese Language teachers to effectively teach Japanese as the learning materials available were very limited. There was no other recourse but to create Nihongo teaching materials in order to augment the sparse learning resources available. On top of this, Japanese companies offering free Japanese language training to their employees were also requesting a shorter training duration to save the cost. Not to mention, the employees were already having a hard time struggling with their daily workloads so additional effort needed for the Japanese language training courses was indeed very challenging.

To address this dilemma, the JLRC’s motto of “LESS TIME, LESS COST and LESS EFFORT” was initiated.

A new Nihongo training module was designed and a new set of materials were developed. The new module design has to accommodate the shortened training hours without sacrificing the overall quality of the class. While, the training materials were adjusted to match the shortened module and at the same time simplify even the most complex topics so that the students can easily understand. Lastly, the module content and materials were adjusted to match the ever changing content of the Japanese language Proficiency Exam.

Pages of JLRC old original book
Past graduation ceremony

In 2008, JLRC became a corporation as its Nihongo services volume grew. Despite this, JLRC had been focused mainly on research and development, and the management had very minimal business acumen. Throughout the years, JLRC has been through so many ups and downs. One can say that JLRC has gone through a tough roller coaster ride reaching the very pinnacle of success in its prime years and going through the very brink of bankruptcy in its worst years. If there’s a silver lining to this experience, it’s that nothing is scary anymore and it brought forth a strong determination for the company to move forward, try harder and become better. It is notable though that those trying years also helped in producing the countless quality materials, high caliber instructors and effective training designs which are utilized as the solid base of its current operation. It is indeed true that turbulent times create beautiful masterpieces.

10 years after she started the company, JLRC transformed into a more stable and profitable business venture with capable employees. There was a great adjustment done in balancing financial stability with technical creativity for Japanese language education.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and affected all businesses worldwide. JLRC, along with the majority of industries, was forced to halt operations. After a month of business hiatus, JLRC opted to shift its operations online, with the thought “Opportunities, wherever you are”.

At the moment, the extent of JLRC’s services has reached not only provinces near Metro Manila but all over the Philippines, Japan and other countries worldwide. JLRC’s challenge for pursuing ” Less Time, Less Cost, Less Effort ” in learning the Japanese language for the sake of Nihongo learners will never cease, always retaining the essence and spirit of its foundation in mind.

JLRC Features

JLRC Online Japanese

You can enjoy learning Japanese language in the comfort of your own place, wherever in the world you are, as long as you are connected to the internet. We currently have learners from all over the Philippines, Japan and other countries. Providing services with reasonable rates is now possible because it is unnecessary to use space for physical classes. You can also save time and money for commuting, and no more chances of being late in your Nihongo class. From beginner courses to advanced lessons, our JLRC Online Japanese lessons have various features which maintain the merits of studying online.

Highly-Qualified Instructors

Graduation Cap
Our teachers are carefully selected from the top 10% of JLRC’s applicants. During the selection process, we determine their Japanese / Nihongo ability, teaching skills, communication skills, and most importantly, passion in teaching Japanese Language. Upon hiring, they undergo rigorous and intensive Nihongo training as our instructors.  The teachers are taught JLRC’s own unique method and technique in teaching and they also need to pass the internal demo lessons. Most of our teachers are graduates of leading universities in the Philippines, notably University of the Philippines.

Classroom Quality Control

To ensure the quality of our Japanese language lessons, we conduct satisfaction surveys from our online class students. Instructors with poor ratings will be temporarily limited from teaching Nihongo classes and will be immediately trained to improve their teaching performance. We are also utilizing the Quality Control System wherein our QC team constantly monitors the virtual online classrooms. In case any form of distraction is noticed by our QC team, we immediately advise the student to rectify the situation to maintain the best learning experience for all the participants.

High Rate of JLPT Passers

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Certificates are recognized by companies, educational institutions, schools and other organizations in Japan, the Philippines and all over the world. We take pride in our constant excellent rate of JLPT passers for each level. For those who don’t successfully pass the JLPT N5 or N4 Exam can retake the Nihongo class for FREE (Provided attendance is over 90%, valid for one year from the date of the last session). We are the only Japanese language school in the Philippines that offers a result-guaranteed system.

Original and High-Quality Materials

Our original materials are easier to understand for beginners or learners of Japanese language because they are made by foreigners / non-Japanese who are proficient in both Japanese language and English. JLRC has been developing Nihongo materials that match our unique teaching method and are supported by a database that has undergone years of continuous research in order to achieve our motto “Less Cost, Less Time and Less Effort” in learning Japanese. Our materials also undergo constant revision to improve and ensure the best quality for our  Nihongo learners.

Well-Designed Syllabus

We create and customize the syllabus specifically to suit the needs of each client. We also offer the most suitable and time-efficient Nihongo study plan to achieve the client’s specific objective. This flexibility is one of the strengths that we have gained through decades of teaching experience in our in-house and corporate Nihongo classes from beginners to advanced. Not only do we cater our services to learners such as IT professionals, engineers, and technical internship trainees who want to work in Japan, but we also educate young learners (high school, university students) who want to study Japanese language as a hobby or future career.