Now I am in Yamanashi and started to continue my Nihongo study (can see Mt. Fuji!)

Female student photo
Khelly Araula

Student, Unitas Kofu, Japan
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

I started my Nihongo learning journey with JLRC last year in January 2022 as a N5 Nihongo class student and I continued studying until N4 level. My ultimate goal in studying Japanese language is to live in Japan in the near future, and in order to do that I must learn their language which is an essential part of living and working there.

JLRC has a flexible online Nihongo class schedule which fits mine, even though I am residing and working overseas specifically in Dubai, UAE. I continued learning Japanese online for 8 months with them because the teachers are very comprehensible and supportive during my learning journey.

Eventually, I decided to apply for their “Study in Japan Program” with my chosen school. Even though I am the first student applying from overseas there were no problems encountered during my application process. Thanks to my advisor Mr. Yuzuru for always helping and assisting me on my document gathering process and answering all my questions timely about the documents needed for my application.

Now I am currently in JAPAN and have started to continue my Japanese Language study this month of April, 2023, in the heart of Yamanashi (lots of beautiful mountains and you can see Mt. Fuji too!). I am very thankful to JLRC and especially to the advisor for helping me achieve my goal!

– Khelly – Filipino working from Dubai