Inspiring me with the Japanese sense of professionalism

Female student photo
Alexis Papa

Former Intern, De La Salle University – Manila

As an International Studies Major in Japanese Studies student, our area of expertise is best enriched when exposed and applied in an environment which helps us practice both our Japanese Language skills, work ethics, and communication skills.

JLRC has helped me not only in terms of further developing my Nihongo skills, but also by inspiring me with the Japanese sense of discipline and professionalism in our workplace. I also believe that my training has taught me more than what I have learned inside our classrooms, such as values and relations with colleagues, and has enabled me to witness the sharing of culture and practices between the Japanese and Filipinos.

I was welcomed warmly when I started my training in the institution, and I was able to develop good ties with the people around me and we shared a harmonious working relationship. JLRC believed in my capabilities, and with their help, I was able to further enhance my skills and abilities as I underwent training with them. I can say that I now have more work experience and am more knowledgeable when it comes to Japanese culture and their relations with the Philippines.