I was only 13 when I enrolled for a Nihongo class

Female student photo
Aliana Marie Caviteño

Multimedia Artist

JLRC has been with me since the year 2011. I was only thirteen back then when I enrolled for their summer “Intensive Oral with Writing” classes just because I was a big fan of everything Japanese. It was by chance that I saw their signboard whilst walking around in Shaw Boulevard and I had enough free time so I asked to enroll in the summer class.

It was a very good eye-opening experience. I was only a child back then but I got to interact with people older than me who share the same passion for Japan as I do. As I grew older and am now working as a multimedia artist, I passed the N5 class and eventually N4 to N3 in JLRC and was able to pass all of them despite the tight schedule and deadlines. The materials they provided were really accurate and even though at times where I had conflict with my schedule, they are very willing to adjust for me.

JLRC not only taught me the fundamentals of the Japanese language but also gave me colleagues, friends, and mentors who continue to watch and support me grow. I will always be thankful to JLRC for becoming a part of my life.