I can now understand my Japanese colleagues more and have more confidence

Our female student's photo
Amanda Arjmandpour

Kanagawa, Japan

My journey to learn Japanese started last September when my friend told me about JLRC. I am so grateful to have found this online class! There was no way for me to study outside of my working hours otherwise, but having JLRC allowed me to be home with my children after work, so I could attend the class.

I really appreciated the kindness of my teacher and her patience. Even if you are slower in class, the teacher doesn’t make slower students feel bad. Also, I appreciated having the grammar explanations in English. I felt I could understand and progress faster. The textbook is so well organized and the grammar is explained so clearly. I actually enjoy going to the lessons and look forward to them, which I could never say with other Japanese courses I tried. I could learn Japanese basically stress-free.

I was able to pass the N5 with the help of JLRC. I can now understand my Japanese colleagues a bit more and have a little more confidence. I will definitely continue studying with them in the future.