I was doubtful about the online Japanese study method

Female student photo
Anu Elizabeth Tomy

IT Engineer – JGC Corporation
Yokohama, Japan

Last July, I started my Nihongo study journey with JLRC through online classes in Yokohama, Japan. Initially, I was doubtful whether this would be successful as I was not used to the online study method. Also, I was very busy with my work on weekdays so I couldn’t attend any regular classes. After a few sessions, I was able to catch up with the lessons with the help of our wonderful Emmie sensei. Besides, interactive communication in the class was pretty good though I am not Filipino. I was able to finish my N5 level in December and I attended the N5 exam in December 2020 in Japan. The training helped me really well in passing the exam with good scores. The mock tests from the sensei and revisions helped in time management and in boosting my confidence.

Now, I am able to manage basic conversations with my colleagues which makes me happy and confident. For anyone who is planning to start Japanese language studies, I can recommend JLRC which will definitely help you. Challenge yourself and try to learn a new language!!

Thanks and Regards!