The teacher made online learning fun and easy for me

Female student photo
Ariana Necesito

Student, University of Montana, USA

What started as a life-long desire became a reality made possible by JLRC.

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to learn Nihongo. As someone who appreciated face-to-face learning method, I doubted I can pursue my Nihongo study journey through online learning. Also, I’m busy juggling my work and studies so I thought it would just be a waste of resources. But I was wrong—

Reinan Sensei made learning fun and easy for me. The materials are very challenging and helpful in a way that’s not too intimidating and overwhelming for starters like me. JLRC has also been very cooperative and considerate—I had to switch from group class to one-on-one since I had unrelenting school and work demands on my plate but they remained so kind to make sure I’m still learning despite my tight schedule.

Now, I can put my learnings to practice with so much confidence. Not only has JLRC taught me the basics of Japanese language, it has also helped me appreciate online methods of learning! I know I have so much more to learn, which is why I’m considering continuing my studies with JLRC.