I am working on what I love to do, using Japanese Language skills

Female student photo
Belinda Echapare

Japanese-English Translator

“What have you wanted to do forever?”

Initially, it was just an existential question I had and now, I am living the dream of working on what I love to do.

Studying Japanese was a great decision I made way back in 2011. JLRC has been a great help in showing me how to overcome the difficulties in learning the Japanese language. They helped me to enhance my speaking skills and application of what I learned in the workplace. Eventually, I passed the N2 exam with their help.

Because of the intensive programs that JLRC offers, your love for the Japanese language will be challenged and you will learn more.

Currently, I am a Japanese-English translator in a world-class Legal Process Outsource and Japanese Translation Service agency. I am also a part time English language teacher to Japanese students.