I can now understand dialog in anime!

Male student photo
Dennis Lumagui

Senior Network Operation Engineer

Way back in January 2020, I was a participant of the JLRC free trial class wherein we had a male Instructor, named Yu-sensei.

He taught us Japanese so well that even those without a Japanese language background student can follow and understand the lesson. During that time, I concluded that JLRC is a pretty good institution for a new student who is willing to start learning Japanese. 

It’s a good thing I heard that JLRC offers online Japanese classes.  It will help me eliminate one big problem which I encountered during my free trial class, which is that the school is too far from my home and my workplace. I won’t make it on time in class or return to work after class. 

I really enjoyed the online class since our class’s primary communication is Japanese which also helps us to practice our listening, grammar and vocabulary. I like the way JLRC prepares the quizzes also, it helps us to think that this is the real thing. I also like the way our instructor never stops correcting our wrong grammar, giving us a hint to remind what’s in the previous lesson. 

During and after this N5 course, I’m actually amazed that I can now understand fictional character’s dialog in anime and Japan-made games. In addition to that, some Japanese written in the background of an anime scene. That is all thanks to the help of JLRC and its instructors who are always patiently teaching us and helping us to learn Japanese. 

Thank you very much JLRC and Grace-sensei. I’m looking forward to seeing you next time for N4 class.