This is the Japanese Language school for me, Finally!

Female student photo
Elvira Hebron

Mechanical Engineer, Taiyo Yuden

Brought about by the encouraging statements made by some of my cohorts, I decided to take Nihongo lessons at JLRC in April 2014.

JLRC was where I felt the tug that led me to where I am now. The moment I entered JLRC, I felt a rush and said “This is it! Finally!” It was overwhelming how they prioritize their Nihongo students over profit. Their aim was to make their students JLPT passers. They have a unique teaching strategy to achieve this. Their wide portfolio of materials, modules and references make their lectures more effective.

The teachers’ relationship with the students extend well beyond the classroom setting. Through the years that I spent with JLRC, I can say that it was definitely worthwhile.