JLRC helped my sister change the way she viewed learning

Female student photo
Felani Tiberio Jusayan

My youngest sister Daji started studying Nihongo at JLRC when she was 12 years old. At 12, she already passed her N5 exams. The following year, at 13, she got her N4 certificate. Now, at 15, she is studying for her N3 exam. This used to be unimaginable for me knowing how little self-discipline Daji had when it came to studying. 

JLRC has not only helped my sister pass JLPT exams but it has also changed the way my sister viewed learning. What makes JLRC different from other Japanese language schools is that they teach with the goal of having their students practice the language. The courses are meant to prepare the students to use the language in everyday life.

I highly recommend JLRC. When they say you can learn Japanese in less time and with less effort, this is exactly what they mean.

(Photo: Felani’s youngest sister, Daji)