I moved to Japan for work without knowing Japanese language

Female student photo
Frances Pabilane

Foreign Attorney, Osaka, Japan

I moved to Japan for work without knowing the Japanese language. A few hours before my flight to Japan, I posted a photo of myself with my luggage and yoga mat captioned with a statement I copied from the search engine “Nihongo ga wakarimasen” (I don’t understand Nihongo).

Life proved to be inconvenient (couldn’t order in restaurants without pointing at the photos). I decided to enroll with JLRC for my N5 classes. Enrolling with JLRC was a great decision. I like how the Nihongo online classes are structured. JLRC focuses on various aspects of the language — vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, and kanji. The sensei (teachers) are experts and very supportive of the students. Because I loved my N5 classes, I even recommended JLRC to my brother and some friends. They ended up taking Japanese language classes with JLRC too!

I am currently taking my N4 classes with JLRC. Learning the Japanese language can be challenging at times. However, I love experiencing gradual improvements in my Japanese language ability (still remember how fun it was to finally read the types of cheese in the supermarket — “camembert” and “cheddar” in Japanese). With hard work and motivation, I hope to reach N2 or N1 level with JLRC in the future!