I believe both proficiency and flexibility is important in learning Nihongo

Male student photo
Jao Dasig

Student, University of San Carlos – Cebu

I believe it’s important for one to not only be proficient in uttering a language, but also quick to adapt depending on the situation. The problem now is – “How do I become both proficient and flexible in a foreign language, specifically Japanese language?”. That’s where JLRC came in. 

One of the things I appreciate about JLRC is how organized and meticulous their instructors are when it comes to the Nihongo lessons. The instructors are very engaging and they make sure that each student follows along throughout the sessions. They’re also able to address questions in a kind and effective manner. You’re not only taught about Japanese language vocabulary and grammar points but also how to apply them depending on the context of the interaction. Remember what I said about proficiency and flexibility? Yes, JLRC teaches both. 

JLRC’s original Nihongo learning materials are also top-notch. The Nihongo books they provide are well-made and contain all the necessary information. Being able to read and answer the activities always gives me this sense of accomplishment that I’m actually learning Japanese language. 

I’m currently taking up the N4 course. I can definitely say that JLRC accelerated my pace and helped me improve tremendously as a student of Japanese language. If ever you’re still in doubt on which Japanese language school to enroll in, my recommendation would be to give JLRC a chance. I’m confident that you won’t regret it. JLRC has been developing materials that match our unique teaching method and supported by our database that has undergone years of continuous research. Our materials are in line with our school’s motto of “Less Time, Less Cost and Less Effort” in learning Japanese. We conduct constant revisions to maintain the best quality and adapt to the current trends in Japanese Language Education.