Finally passed Japanese Language N2 level

Female student photo
Jean Brutos

Multilingual Associate, Hinduja Global Solutions

I thought that passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) was something I will never be able to achieve, but everything changed because of JLRC. I first took classes back in September 2015 in preparation for the JLPT N4 level, then the following year for the N3 level and finally last year N2 level. Thankfully, I passed, and that is all because of the great efforts offered by this awesome and growing establishment. I am grateful to them for the hard work and help they have given me, from all the exuberant classes to concise reviewers they provide which surely made my desire to pass the JLPT.

Therefore my advice to interested future Japanese students is to challenge yourself, consider taking the JLPT and “Why not try JLRC?”