I learned later on that JLRC invested in students’ personal success

Female student photo
Jessie Santos

Aerial Artist and Photographer

JLRC is a straightforward school that first and foremost aims to prepare its students to pass the much-awaited JLPT. And I am proud to say that I have passed the N5 level exam and am currently studying for the N4 exam in December. In the beginners’ classes, we learned how to make basic introductions of ourselves along with useful everyday expressions. I learned later on that they were also very much invested in their students’ personal success, no matter what kind of background their students came from.

I am a performing artist with a particular inclination to Japanese culture. This was something that the JLRC soon found out about as we went through our lessons. They offered me quality translation services and useful advice on how to handle job interviews, even though my line of work was not the usual kind of job they were used to.

As a relatively new Japanese language student, JLRC already gave me the confidence to study Japanese culture and figure out how I could be a part of it. They make me feel important by tailor-fitting lessons to the needs of my unique credentials.  Most of all, they continue to give me full support without judging me for my peculiarities — an attribute of theirs that I value the most. Here at JLRC, the people know how to work to the best of their abilities and are determined to see their students succeed in any field of their choice.

(You can search for Jessie’s works and performances by her artist name, JOYEN [heads-up for mature content]. Photo taken by Dar San Agustin.)