It was difficult to find a Japanese language school in the Netherlands​

Male student photo
Kevin de Bruin

Chemistry Technician
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

My goal is to study Japanese in a language school in Japan, so I was looking for opportunities to achieve the required 150 hours of Nihongo study certificate which is required for most Japanese Language schools in Japan. It was very difficult to find a Japanese language school here in the Netherlands that offered a good schedule as I am working a full-time job, so I decided to broaden my search. That’s how I found the JLRC online classes, and I could not be happier that I did.

Last October I enrolled myself in the JLPT N5 Nihongo class, which would allow me to get the certification I needed to study in Japan. I found the online class setup to be very good, and the small class size allowed me many opportunities to be able to interact with the sensei. This interactive environment was very helpful, and even though I am not Filipino everything was perfectly clear.

Aside from the class size, I also found JLRC’s original Nihongo materials to be good, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to learn the language in an efficient way, while also minimizing the difficulties and confusion that comes with being exposed to a new language. As for the lessons themselves, I found that there was a perfect balance between reading, grammar, listening, and vocabulary practice.

Thank you JLRC for giving me the kickstart in my Japanese learning journey in a fun and convenient way. If you are looking for an online opportunity to study Japanese language I would highly recommend JLRC for all your needs!