The reasons why I highly recommend you to learn Nihongo at JLRC

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Ma. Kristina Guilas

Student, University of the Philippines

My overall learning experience in JLRC is topnotch!

Japanese culture has been very fascinating for me ever since, so I made the right decision of learning the basics of Nihongo with JLRC for so many reasons, namely:

 – Contents of their workbooks and materials were informative and effective with lots of examples and readings to practice on. And it was made simpler for beginners to comprehend.

 – Both my Senseis were marvelous in teaching the course. You can instantly know they are very skilled in Nihongo and Nihon culture.  I know both my Senseis lived in Japan, so it’s a plus learning for us everytime they share some of their experiences. Also, they were very approachable and accommodating, not at all intimidating. 

–  Class setup was great as well, although I would have to suggest encouraging more students’ participation/recitation to build/add more confidence when speaking Nihongo.

Doumo arigatou gozaimashita, especially to my senseis. JLRC is highly-recommended!