JLRC gave me future opportunities through its Japanese classes

Our young male student's photo
Lance Damalerio

Student, Ateneo de Manila University

As someone who consumes a lot of Japanese materials, I’ve always been interested in many aspects of Japanese culture. Specifically, I’ve always been interested in the many subcultures such as the fashion scene in Japan. As such, I wanted to take Japanese classes so that it would be easier for me to study and find job opportunities in Japan.

Despite the difficulties that came with the online class setting, JLRC was able to provide many tools for me to learn Japanese more efficiently. The modules were consistent and allowed me to participate and practice during discussions. For instance, in my JLPT N5 classes, the teacher would always give us various reading, grammar, listening, and vocabulary exercises. I appreciated how interactive the teacher was with the students which also helped me be more confident in speaking Japanese.

I decided to continue taking JLPT N4 classes with JLRC. Although there have been challenges such as balancing my school work with my Japanese studies, I always look forward to my JLRC classes. I would recommend JLRC to anyone who wishes to learn Japanese 🙂