We needed to learn Japanese language up to N4 level in 2.5 months

Male student photo
Philip John Paul Soan

Registered Civil Engineer, CCT Constructors Corp.

I started my Nihongo class N5 and N4 levels from June to August, 2019. It was a special class because we needed to learn both levels in just 2.5 months as we, my colleague and I, will be sent to Japan for 1 Year Training in September.

At first, I thought that it would be impossible for me to learn all of it in just a short period of time, but JLRC made it possible. The school managed to make it possible; thanks to their perfect timing of lesson syllabus, their school materials (e.g. textbooks, flashcards, power points), and stupendous senseis/instructors. The syllabus was perfect in timing because they will teach you what you needed first before going to another lesson. Their materials were very helpful; it will make you understand the lessons easily.  Lastly, the senseis (teachers) are very approachable. They patiently answer all your questions about the lessons, and they will teach you the way that you can understand the lessons definitely. 

To sum it all, I had so much fun while studying Nihongo in JLRC. I am very thankful that this is the school my company chose, and for JLRC for the wonderful journey that I had while studying Nihongo.