I finally passed Japanese Language N3! After 3 times cancellation

Female student photo
Riya Labitan

Engineer, Subic Bay International Airport
Currently taking up Ph.D. in Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan

I had my first Japanese language class in JLRC and passed JLPT N5 on the first try!

I tried to take the JLPT N4, 3 times but was not able to do so.
The first time, I had to go abroad because of my job two months before the exam. I told myself then I will have more time to prepare for the next exam to get higher scores.
The second time, unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the pandemic. I told myself that this is a chance to aim for a perfect score in the exam since I saw others who got a perfect score and know that it’s not impossible.
With the ongoing pandemic, the JLPT exam was cancelled again. I was so sad but it’s beyond my control. So this time I aimed even higher and tried to work my way to N3 and I finally passed the JLPT N3 exam! 

I’m so glad that I did not give up and continued my study. I believe the foundation I had from JLRC has been very helpful to me. Following what I learned; the study habits, the techniques, and the materials, guided me a lot. I especially love the JLRC Kanji books! Since N5, I’ve been using JLRC Kanji Books not only to build up my Kanji but also my vocabulary. It took me a lot of time and effort to memorize and understand it all, and even now I’m still reviewing it from time to time. 

Nothing is easy. Not giving up on what you love to do, and on what you want to achieve is my motivation. Thank you JLRC, you’ve always been part of my journey. Next stop JLPT N2!