Quality Japanese language education in a short amount of time

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Roxette Rubio

Writer, Musician, Voice Talent

I’ve started learning the Japanese language overseas from Grade 6-9 as part of the school curriculum. While international schools have a standard quality of education, comparing it to my experience with JLRC has definitely made me question what I learned in those 4 years vs. 5 months here.

Frankly speaking, I was a bit skeptical because it’s my first time attending Nihongo classes here and compared to other institutions that I’ve looked at with the same setup and timeframe, JLRC was slightly more expensive. But I took the risk and decided to trust the certifications, online reviews and accreditations that I was going to be in good hands with JLRC.

I have no regrets. Our Nihongo class made my weekend afternoons highly productive. The Nihongo class was preferably small and we had a teacher whose energy was able to carry the room. I’d like to give a shoutout to Kyle sensei for making the class highly engaging and entertaining; I also appreciate the fact that I was able to make friends with my classmates. They were kind to me by sending direct messages etc. whenever there were concepts I couldn’t grasp well.

I will definitely recommend JLRC to people I know who want to study the Japanese language. When given the opportunity, I’d love to study N3 onwards!