I am now a Nihongo event interpreter thanks to my supportive teachers

Female student photo
Shayne Inocencio

Japanese Interpreter / Japanese Teacher

I loved studying at JLRC. JLRC was recommended to me by my friend back in 2014. I enrolled in N4 class and didn’t have much expectations because it was just a small school back then. But I was surprised to find out that JLRC uses their own published books for classes, and they have a curriculum that makes it easier to learn the Japanese language. My teachers were also very supportive. I never expected to pass N2 but thanks to my supportive Sensei’s I was able to pass. JLRC really stands by their motto “Less Time, Less Cost, Less Effort” in learning Japanese. I am now an Event Interpreter and a part-time Nihongo teacher and it’s all thanks to the help of JLRC.

Thank you JLRC!