I didn’t know the basics of Nihongo, but now I passed 2021 JLPT N5 in Japan

Female student photo
Therese Abygale Pegarro

English Teacher – Kyoto, Japan

When I first came to Japan, I didn’t know the basics of Japanese. Self-studying was also a little bit difficult because I sometimes feel demotivated and exhausted from work. That’s when I decided to enroll myself at JLRC in October 2020 with Reinan sensei. I took two classes a week for about 5 months. I found myself enjoying the class and I saw great progress in my skills especially on the reading and speaking part. The pace of the class was appropriate to our level and the occasional explanation of the Japanese culture in our lesson was also really helpful.

I finished my N5 level class in March 2021 and before taking the JLPT N5 test, I enrolled again at JLRC and took the speaking class with Emmie sensei. There, my Nihongo speaking skill improved and my listening skill was better than before. When I finally decided to take the JLPT in Japan last December 2021, I passed with good grades! I could really say that the mock tests and the overall review helped me to be prepared for the exam.

I am really grateful to JLRC for their help and for giving students good quality service! I would recommend JLRC to anyone who wants to learn the Japanese language. All they need is to take the first step and go for it!

Thank you so much, JLRC!