Things that set JLRC apart from other Japanese language schools

Female student photo
Vanessa Raquino

My experience with JLRC as my chosen school was worth the time and resources. My sensei is kind and patient and knows how to teach us in a way that we won’t get overwhelmed with the online lessons. Each lesson is carefully planned to be taught for the given time we had.

Things that set JLRC apart from other schools are: how understanding they are of their students; how personalized their teaching method is; and how accommodating they are. The lessons are not taught too fast but broken down into pieces wherein we can understand them properly.

Through JLRC Online, I was guided with how I study Japanese and how to prepare for the upcoming JLPT N5 exam. I am very thankful for the efforts of all the people behind JLRC. They did and still are doing a good job.